Top priority comfort

Less concerns on weather conditions or its forecast, focus more on your adventures and enjoy the great outdoors. Every season is packed with their own unique beauty and experience, we should be able to appreciate them comfortably.

Unrelenting warmth

Unlike ordinary down insulations which loses the ability to keep warm in wet conditions, smawarm retains its performance in such situation and preserves warmth.

Climate Adaptation

Hygiene from within

The insulation stays warm and dries quickly under humid or even wet conditions, it also keeps you free from static shocks in cold areas with low humidity.


Warmer than Down

All other extra functions and benefits aside, our insulation's clo value surpasses down, making smawarm a even wiser option in terms of insulation and warmth factor.


Smawarm is not only hypoallergenic, anti-odor and anti-microbial; it is also free from chemical treatments usually applied for functionality, making this insulation medical grade suitable for hospitals as well.

Quick Dry

Material fibers consist of polyester grants the ability of moisture management by being hydrophobic, permits the wicking of sweat and moisture drawing them away from the body and keeps dry.


Our materials derived from recycled PET bottles discarded after use, promoting environmental-friendly materials by reducing pollution.

Life sustaining

Seen or heard of how feathers from ducks or geese are obtained as insulating materials? May it be post mortem, gathering (live birds) or live plucking, these methods are cruel and cringe worthy.

Anti Static

Static shocks are not generally a health risk, but it can still be irritating or cause people to withdraw their arms suddenly risking potential accident. Minerals in Smawarm constantly dissipate static charges to prevent electrostatic charge build-up even when humidity is under 30%.

Material Technology

Smawarm's raw materials are derived from extracted calcium minerals and recycled PET bottles, fusing them with the lastest nano technology to create fibers containing permanent functions surpassing down in all aspects.


Hypoallergenic Bedding
Getting restful sleep is a crucial part of our lives, which could be impossible when troubled by allergens in our comforter and pillows. Our anti-microbial function keeps bacteria from reproducing and related allergens away, enjoy all that snoozing without sneezing.
Comfy Outwear
Smawarm's nanotech insulation provides freedom of movement without stiffness, its breathability powered by high moisture vapor transmission, allowing the transfer of water molecules to keep away from moist and steamy sensation.
Hygienic Sleeping Bags
Insulation with anti-microbial and anti-odor are must-have functions for sleeping bags, especially multiple overnights with all that sweating and lacking the change of clothe. Wake up and pack up without germs duplicating in your bag to trouble you the upcoming night, wash less but stay fresh.
Reliable Gloves
Not only fingers retain their dexterity in freezing temperatures by wearing gloves, breathability also permits steam to escape without the stuffy discomfort. Anti-static also comes in handy when making contact with various objects that could cause a zapping discahrge.



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